Grass Valley LDK-8000 Multi format 2/3” 9.2MP HD Production Worldcam camera KIT

Grass Valley LDK-8000 Multi format 2/3” 9.2MP HD Production Worldcam camera KIT

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This is pre-owned in very good condition a complete Grass Valley production kit: LDK-8000 camera with CCU, OCP, Viewfinder and about 150 of studio cable. This camera outputs 1080i HD signal with a triax HD adapter (included), but with an optional FiberHD adapter it can deliver Full HD 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/50/60 Hz image. This is much better camera than Sony HDC-1500 with 9.2MP CCd imager. The Sony HDC-1500 is equipped with 2.2MP CCD imager. 
No dead pixels at any gain. All components on this camera have been tested and are in perfect working order.  
All pictures are of the actual items being sold. The item includes 30-Day Warranty. 


-         Grass Valley LDK-800 Elite worldcam HD SDi camera with triax adapter
-          Grass Valley HDTV CCU unit
-         Grass Valley OCP-400 remote control panel with 20’ cable
-         Grass Valley LDK-5307 7-inch LCD HD color viewfinder
-         Power supply for the OCP
-         150’ of Camera cable
-         Hard case for the camera, monitor and OCP.  

More about the camera:

Sony HDC 1500 SMPTE fiber camera

With three next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+™ CCDs, the LDK 8000 is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively, and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates. Coupled with an extensive feature set, format flexibility, and excellent performance, it’s a perfect match for the intense demands of today’s productions. This flexibility makes LDK 8000 a superb choice for live production where content will be used for HD DVD distribution. With its 1080p origination, selectable in frame rates up to 1080p60, your finished material can closely resemble material finished on film. With an updated ergonomic design, the LDK 8000 speed

The LDK 8000 system features a compact, robust, and lightweight base station that can output SD and HD signals simultaneously. And by using a Grass Valley SuperXpander large lens adapter kit, complete with an HD high-resolution viewfinder, the LDK 8000 becomes a fully featured, full-sized studio camera ready for either studio or mobile applications

The LDK 8000 also features the on-sensor black sampling used so successfully in previous camera designs. With it, you don’t need to set a black balance or black level for each scene and then hope things turn out correctly. The selected on-sensor areas are masked from incoming light, and are therefore always sampling a correct absolute black level. The camera samples black levels continuously, per frame, ensuring that the black level is always correct as defined at the sensor surface. Its 14-bit analog-todigital converters preserve this sampled image as it is transferred from the sensors to the digital processing domain

Key Features:
 Supports instant switching between 1080i and 720p formats at 50 and 59.94 Hz for a wide variety of applications 
• Supports all 1080p standard formats, including 1080p50 and 1080p60 
• Unrivaled video sampling technology:
 —Three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ CCDs 
—14-bit A/D sampling
 —22-bit digital signal processing resolution 
• Emmy award-winning dual skin contour circuit makes talent look its best
 Dynamic anti-aliasing-on-sensor processing reduces aliasing artifacts
 • Unique viewfinder focus-assist tools: 
—Crawler, for creating an active edge around all objects in focus 
—Instant push-button electronic zoom for momentarily enlarging a subject to check focusing on small details 
• Smart cards store image, operational settings for easy recall 
• Flexible HD transmission system 
—Supports standard triax up to 3,500 ft. (1,200m)
—Supports hybrid fiber SMPTE 311 up to 13,200 ft. (4,000m) 
• Small, robust base station with superior HD, SD output
 • Lightest weight camera body in its class 
• SuperXPander kit support enables configuration with full size studio or OB lenses, and accessories 
• Outputs high-quality SD images simultaneously to the HD output

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