JVC GY-HD250U HD SDI camera W/ Fujinon A55X9B  Box lens and servo rear controls

JVC GY-HD250U HD SDI camera W/ Fujinon A55X9B Box lens and servo rear controls

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This is a used professional camera system that comes with Fujinon A55X9.3 SD Box lens with a 2X extender and JVC GY-HD250U HD camera. The camera is slightly modified in a sense that the camera top handle was professionally removed so it can fit the Fujinon box lens. The lens comes with the servo Focus and Zoom back controls, with appropriate cable. This system is complete and ready to be used at a church, university, inside the studio or at a stadium! Since the camera doesn't have a REC button the recoding is done only through the SDI port to an external recorder or the camera can be used in a studio environment connected to a switcher.

The glass on the box lens is free of scratches on bot ends. There a couple of microscopic dust particles inside the glass elements (close to edges). Nothing that will affect the picture in any way. The camera itself has less than 20 fan hours on the hour meter, and works flawlessly. Since the camera has an SDI out port, it can be connected to an HD switcher for a 1080i livestream/recording. Included in this package is a Power supply for the lens with Iris control for the lens, in the case you don’t have a JVC paint box needed to control the iris.


-      JVC GY-HD250U 1080i HD SDI camera with 12V power supply

-    Fujinon A55X9.3 B4 mount BESM SD lens 

-  Kipon 1/3” lens adapter

-  2 X Fujinon ESM-51 servo modules 

- 1X Fujinon Electronic Zoom and 2X extender control with zoom speed control 

-   1X Fujinon EPD-12C Electronic servo focus control

-   Tripod plate 

-    12V Sony Power supply for the whole system

-     12V power supply for the lens with iris control

-      Marshall HD SDI monitor with power supply.

-     Hard case on wheels for the entire system

Please note the camera is modified and can only be used with 12V power supply (included). This system can not be used with a battery.

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